Divesh Chandra
JNU Anti-national pro afzal guru eventLet me make it clear at the very outset that I have been associated with JNU for quite some time but I have never been actively associated with any political party or ideology – left or right. I am someone who likes to keep his mind and support good things and criticizes wrongs irrespective of which party does it.
It is not a secret that JNU is a stronghold of communist ideology and it’s not a new trend. It has been so since its inception. Events like celebration of the death anniversary of Afzal Guru in JNU campus may be a surprise for some of you but it doesn’t surprise those who are familiar with the past and present of JNU. The left wing political parties have been doing such events for decades. Can you imagine that when 72 CRPF jawans were killed by naxals they celebrated it.
​We are all for the freedom of speech and every citizen has the right to question any government or to demand amendment to any law through democratic means.  But in no way,  anyone has the right to raise anti-national slogans and celebrate terrorists as martyrs while feeding on the money of Indian citizen​s. Union government spends Billions every year on JNU. The annual fee in JNU is less than Rs. 500. Hostels cost Rs.10 a month. Students get Rs.2500 per month as merit-cum-means scholarships. And all this comes from the hard earned money of common Indians. After getting so much from India how can someone raise slogans like ‘Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi jung rahegi’, ‘kitne afzal maroge, har ghar se afzal niklega’ and ‘Pakistan zindabad’
Note that these people shouting anti India slogans, tagging terrorists as martyrs are not some random misled youth in the streets of Kashmir. They are people pursuing higher academic degrees in one of the best universities in India. Tomorrow, some of them will be in different cabinet offices making policies for the nation, having full access to some of the most confidential data of the country. Some of them will be professors in various universities teaching your children, deciding the future of a whole generation. They will be selecting the researchers and new faculty members. Can you imagine people who see Afzal Guru as role model on these key positions deciding the fate of the nation? In fact this is not future talk it’s happening right now. They are penetrating every educational, political and cultural institution of the country. Did you read the news of professors from 40 universities extending support to JNU students who organized the event? Do you remember people from different cultural fields returning awards after Dadri incident as if this was the first time someone was killed in a religious riot in independent India? How do you think thousands of young students turn into hardcore communists after a few months of getting admission into JNU. I will let you know how. Majority of JNU faculty members are ultra-leftist and supporters of Maoist and Naxal movements. They have been brainwashing students and turning them into communists for decades. Immediately after the JNUSU president Kanhaiya was arrested in relation with anti-national event in the campus, approx. 400 faculty members of JNU called for a strike and rally in JNU. Now do you think, poor students will have the guts to refuse to come to a rally called by their professors and supervisors? That’s how thousands of students are brought to streets.
Now come to the issue of Police crackdown in campus. A JNU scholar put it very aptly on Facebook : Many leftists are saying that government is being fascist by allowing police to enter JNU campus. Obviously no innocent student should by harassed by the police but saying that police presence in JNU campus is against democratic ethos of university is absurd.  JNU is not some sovereign island outside India.  It is not above the Indian law. When anti-national activities are going on in the campus it becomes the duty of govt. and police to interfere.  The environment inside campus is tense and a violent clash between different student bodies can happen anytime.  In such situation,  isn’t the police presence necessary? Tomorrow if some unfortunate incident happens the same people will ask why the govt.  didn’t do anything to prevent it.