Delhi has everything from famous places to visit, markets to shop and foods to eat. So nature lovers also have their favorite places in Delhi. These days Delhi is famous for wrong reasons for its pollution but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for flora and fauna loving people. Delhi has several gardens for nature lovers delight. These gardens are so beautiful that you will be inspire to take out your camera and take lovely pictures of the natural beauty.

Lodhi Garden


Garden of five senses

garden of five senses

Garden of five senses is spread over 20 acres area located at Said Ul Azaib Village near Mahrauli heriatge area. As its name, garden of five senses is a delight to all your five senses. Natural beauty, chirping of birds, scent of flowers, flowing water and delicious food(served t nearby restaurants) will soothe your mind and soul. It provides s leisure space and hustle free time in the city.

It’s just not a park, various activities are organised here such as musical performances and painting exhibition with nature in its background. It teaches us how human and nature can thrive together, music played on instruments combines with the music of nature and painting exhibited in open gallery of nature provides a calm and serene atmosphere from the ruckus of the city.

The garden is divided into distinct sections one is spiral walkaway along khas bagh designed on the pattern of Mughal Garden. Running water channels flowing along the walkaway, flowering shrubs and plants other other side.

Stainless steel bird is ready to soar in the sky,terracotta art work, statues of elephants, fountain tree are the some unique features of this garden.

Food restaurants of this garden serve you some delicacies so it is a great place to have a picnic with children or family hangout.

Want to spent some quality and romantic time with your very special person at a natural place than you should head for this.

National Zoological park

Every child’s favourite place to visit is the zoo, no matter how many times we had been there.Besides children Zoo in Delhi is famous among nature and animal lovers. National Zoological park spread over 176 acres area in delhi was built  in 1959 when Indian board of wild life felt a need to develop a recreational  facility for the people in Delhi. It got national status in 1982 as National Zoological park.
national zoological park

The zoological park provide shelter to more than 1350 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and many rare species of plants. Animals are from Africa, America and Australia

Buddha Jayanti Park

Buddha Jayanti Park is one of the beautiful and popular parks in Delhi, It was created on the occasion of the 2500th anniversary of Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment. With large green spaces, lakes, colourful flowers and the chirping of birds and crickets, Buddha Jayanti Park is the perfect spot for those searching for peace in the city. The large expanses of grass, perfect for resting on, picnicking and watching the changing sky, make it a favourite among families. A pavilion in the centre of the park seats a statue of Gautama Buddha that was dedicated by the 14th Dalai Lama in October 1993.

Buddha Jayanti Park

Japanese Park Rohini Delhi

It is Located in the Rohini area of North West Delhi, it is one of the biggest gardens in Delhi. This park alone houses five lakes within its boundary. The Japanese Park is one of the most sought-after picnic locations in Delhi. Boating facilities are also available here. Lush greenery covers the huge  area of this park.


BONUS TIPS -Mughal Garden

Mughal Garden at rastrapati Bhawan is so beautiful that you will be enchanted by its spring beauty. yes this mesmerizing garden opens only in spring season for general public only for a month. During spring when there is love in the air winter flowers bloom and its beauty at its peak. Before opening for public the spring flowery plants are nurture for several months.

Mughal garden

You can see ten thousands of flowers here, in which most of tulip of different colours and Roses are special attraction of Mughal garden, roses bloom here throughout the year but from October to march their texture is size is best of the whole season. you can see some rare varieties of roses here. Except these Dahaliya in different colours,rat ki rani, Juhi, Mogra, guldaudi, golden shower, garden creeper, climbing roses and  many more will delight your heart with their beauty and fragrance. You can also visit Herbal garden, spiritual garden, Bonsai garden and Bio-diversity garden in the mughal garden.

It is open on all days except on mondays from 14 February to 15 March between 9:30 a.m. and 4 pm. People are requested not to bring bottles, umbrellas, handbags, ladies purses, cameras, eatables etc. for the security reasons.