Delhi is the capital of India and has an amazing culture, history, foods as well as temples that you can possibly think of.

Here is a list of some of the 10 awesome things that you can do in this giant city.

  1. Visit the Lodhi Gardens

Get an afternoon escape at this place and relax in the garden’s tranquility. Birds sing all over the garden while you enjoy meals at the many eating sites.

  1. Quickly sneak into the National Museum


There you will learn about early civilization in India and its progression. Be sure of meeting Buddha’s relics wonderfully displayed in gallery. The institution is sacred while remaining spiritual and maintaining its cultural importance.

  1. Visit the Birla Mandir

The other name for this Hindu Temple is Laxmi Narayan Mndir. It is located in Delhi and attracts quite a number of tourists. Mahatma Gandhi opened it with the purpose of letting in people from varied castes of India.

  1. Ever heard of the Hauz Khas Complex? Discover it!

Was earlier on known as Hauz-e-Alai and it is an ancient community ruins that houses numerous tombs, a mosque as well as a water tank that was very important.



  1. Who will ever want to miss seeing the Indian Gate?


This well respected gate was constructed in 1931 as a memorial for Indian soldiers. Beneath the gate there is a flame that continues to light in honor of the brave men and women.

  1. Walk out of the Khan Market with a suit


The boutiques in Khan Market concentrate on the latest fashion. Buy yourself a made-to-measure suit while spending the least amount. You will also get middle-class style clothing.

  1. Find silence at the peaceful Qutub Minar

This tower looks like the chimney of an ornate factory. A trip to the peaceful environment will do you great.

  1. Let the Delhi Metro give you a ride


Many people who are proud to be associated with Delhi will never fail to brag about this. Go have a look for yourself

  1. Confuse yourself in the Old Delhi narrow bazaars

The feeling of having wandered in a medieval area will be all over you.

  1. Dip into books at the People Tree

The People Tree begun as space for studio in which alternative artists used to visit. This is now specialized as a bookshop and is filled with series of books, clothing that has been independently designed and handmade jewellery.