Delhi has its own charm when it comes to shoppers. It presents medley of old and modern markets, which have equal charm for shopping. Places like Connaught Place, Khan Market and south Extension Market are known for their luxury and night life while Chandni Chowk and Paharganj are known for their unique items and streets packed with locals as well as foreign tourists. Janpath and places like Dilli Haat fulfill your desire of artful shopping.

Chandni Chowk Market

CHANDNIChandni Chowk market is the Delhi’s most happening shopping destination. This market is very old but its charm has increased with the passing of time. Here you can find  a more than hundred years old shop beside a dazzling modern show room. Here you can get everything that is there in your shopping list from clothes to jewellery, bags to shoes, lanhangas to sherwanis, spices to dry fruits, books to shawls, medicines to herbs, electronic gadgets to accessories, chemicals and a lot more. Although rikshawalas, hawkers, narrow and busy streets make  this area chaotic at times but  still its beauty wili  enchant you.

Chandni Chowk market has flavours to serve  every individual’s demand. There are small specific markets for different things. Following are some of the popular markets in Chandni Chowk area :

Moti Bazaar: A well-known market for Kashmiri Shawls and purses.

Nai Sarak: Book lovers’ favourite destination. you will get all types of books here, be it academic or fiction. Whatever book it is you can get it here at a very fair price as a large collection of books is waiting for you.

Chawri Bazaar: Market For handmade papers, Stationery

Chor Bazaar: As its name suggests you can get anything at very cheap rate but without any guarantee or warrantee.

Kinari Bazaar: it is a market famous for zardoji work and jewellery.

Location: Old Delhi

Timing: Remains closed on Sundays.

Known for: For its world famous markets with a medley of very old shops and modern style show rooms. There are many things that can be found only in Chandni Chowk and nowhere else in the world.

Connaught Place

Connaught placeConnaught Place is the heart Delhi. If you believe in quality over price than this is the best place for you. It has all the
big brands like Allen solly, Lee, Park Avenue, Pearsons, Arrow, Levis, Adidas, Nike, Allen Cooper,
  for clothing, shoes, bags etc. You can also head to this street for exotic jewellery, Handicrafts top branded Watches, Mobile phones etc. Delhi’s best Restaurants, café, Bars and Night Clubs are here. Besides there are many small hawkers who sell artifact, handicrafts from various part of India.

Location: Near Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, Central Delhi.

Timing: Daily except Sundays.

Known for: For its luxurious brands, Delhi’s best nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and shopping with lots of fun.

Khan Market

Khan MarketThis is the best exotic place for shopping not only in Delhi but also in India. Historically it had been the market for noble family of Mughal Dynasty. The placehas not lost its royaltywith the time. Recently it has been declared as India’s costliest shopping district. It has major big brands for Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, food, Watches, Mobiles, Home Decoration, Health, Body Grooming, Restaurants, Bars and Café. You can also find best Tailors, Boutiques, Book shops, Optical shops etc. If you want a hassle free shopping experience then go  to Khan Market.

Location: South New Delhi, near India Gate

Timing: Daily but remains closed on Sundays.

Known for: for its royal market, top brands showrooms, hassle free shopping.

Lajpat Nagar Market

Lajpat nagarLajpat Nagar Market is a vibrant shopping hub in Delhi, it has all the colours that you want to fill in your basket.  This place is the favourite shopping destination of middle class of Delhi. Here you can find sarees, kurties, lahangas, trendy foot wears, with traditional jooties, designer and funky jewellery etc. It is a typical Indian style market has shops and street hawkers as well as selling all the household things at reasonable price. Henna walas can apply attractive henna design on your palm within seconds. Bargainer’s must go place.

Location: South New Delhi, near Defense Colony.

Timing: Daily but remains closed on Mondays.

Known for: For its colorfulness, Pocket-friendliness, Availability of traditional and trendy items.

Janpath Market

JanpathJanpath Market is located at the outer circle of Connaught place. It has a chain of shops which deals in handicrafts from all over India. It has vivid colours of Indian Handicrafts, Hand woven clothes, shawls, various artifacts, tribal jewellery and handmade decorative, beautiful crockery. If you are a lover of art and want to have that in your home at reasonable cost than it’s a must go place for you. Use your bargaining skill to deal at a fair price.

Location: Janpath, near cannaught place, central Delhi.

Timing: Daily

Known for: Handicrafts and handmade items from all over India makes shopping fun.

Palika Bazaar

Palika BazaarPalika Bazaar is an underground, air-conditioned market. It is located below the inner circle of Connaught place. There are hundreds of shops dealing in cheap rate clothes, shoes, night wears etc. You will get microphone, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray Disc and a wide variety of electronic gadgets at a very low price. Your bargaining skill will give you decent price. Bargaining will be more effective if you are in a group. The main entrance to this market is opposite to the central park.

Location: Opposite Central Park, Central Delhi

Timing: Daily except Sundays.

Known for: Low cost electronic items like microphone, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray Disc and a lot more.

Sarojani Market

Sarojani MarketSarojani market is famous for its cheap goods. You will get some really trendy clothes at a very low cost. Here you will get fashionable clothes, trendy & funky jewellery, footwears, boots, apparels, bags, kitchen essentials and a lot more. Besides this you can buy electronic goods from well known brand’s showrooms. The clothes here are either export surplus or Defects of top brands. So check out broken zips, unstitched parts, faded colour. Use your bargaining skill to get a fair price.

Location: South West Delhi, near safdarganj airport.

Timing: Daily but remains closed on Mondays.

Known for: Cheap rate clothes, Jewellery, shoes and much more.

Dilli Haat

Dilli HaatDilli Haat is a weekly market that offers you vibrant colours of Indian culture. From crafts to handlooms, food to folk dance,you can experience every Indian state under one roof. It has thatched roof cottages provided a great atmosphere to shop and gives glimpses of rural India. Delhi Haat is located at three places in Delhi –  INA Market, Pitampura and Janakpuri. Lovers of Indian culture! This is a Must go place for you.

Location: Near INA Market, south Delhi, Pitampura, north Delhi and Janakpuri, west Delhi.

Timing: Daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Known for: For Indian Handicrafts, foods, Handlooms.

Paharganj Market

PaharganjPaharganj market is a shopaholic’s paradise as one can get many valuable goods at dirt price. It is just opposite to Delhi Railway Station. Hundreds of shops deal in books, bag, music, jewellery, shoes, textiles, statues, bed sheets, cushion cover and much more. Most of the streets in this market are generally occupied by rikshawalas, beggers and animals and it becomes really chaotic sometimes. Using bargaining skill you can get price as less as one third of the original rate.

Location: Paharganj Main Market, opposite to the New Delhi Railway Station.

Timing: Daily

Known for: Inexpensive budget Hotels and shopping of essentials like bags, music, books, jewellery, textiles, statues, incense and a lot more.

South Extension Market

South extension marketSouth extension market is one of Delhi’s posh markets. It is well-known for its famous shops which deal in sherwanis, kurtas, jootis, pashmina shawls, suiting and shirting besides shops it is famous for its night life with a number of bars and clubs. Various restaurants serve street food with proper hygiene here coffee cafes serves one of the finest coffee.

Location: On Ring Road, Near AIIMS (all India Institute of Medical Sciences).

Timing: Everyday except Mondays.

Known for: Traditional and modern clothing, food, bars and clubs.