Delhi is a place where progressive development happens day in day out. It has a rich culture that revitalizes every time, with the help of expatriates from all over the world. In this post we will analyze the cost of living in Delhi.



Delhi AccommodationMoving to a new city is of great challenge to many, especially if that city is densely populated. Getting the right kind of housing is ideally not an easy task. However Delhi tries to solve this problem by developing the real estate industry. The city has decent and affordable apartments together with high-end, swanky units. Choosing where you want to stay is completely restricted to where you prefer. It will be a choice between cost, comfort and convenience. Most expats would prefer accommodations in South Delhi because it is strategic and has an open connection to transport networks, business centers, and because the place contains affordable housing facilities. We have property dealers in Delhi who can help you find the best accommodation in the city. Although they will commission you for their services which is normally 2% of the house cost. For accommodation within the city center, you will be charged around 548 USD (US Dollar) per month. Staying out of the city will help you save some good money. You will pay 177 USD per month for one-bedroom apartment and 272 for a two-bedroom apartment.



The most perfect way to experience Indian cuisine in the city is by its myriad offering sold in the streets. Understand also that eating foods given may be of great challenge and you could end up with stomach upsets. Bengali Market located near Connaught place is the best place when looking for food. The place has high quality foods not mentioning numerous ATMs found there. You can Indian traditional food as well as western fast foods. You should be surprised to see McDonald’s, Subway or even KFC. They are found in abundance, especially in the malls. In an inexpensive restaurant, the cost of a complete meal is about 3.67 USD, while a meal for two in a mid-range place would go for about 14.27 USD. If you feel better cooking at home, then a packet of milk will cost about 0.36 USD, a kilo of potatoes for 0.27 USD, a loaf of bread cost 0.38 USD, a dozen of eggs goes for about 0.47 USD, a kilo of tomatoes for about 0.43 USD, a kilo of lamb chops cost 1.94 USD, while a kilo of whole chicken cost around 2.16 USD.


DelhiMetroYellowLineNew Delhi offers a very interesting adventure to those who are willing to move around. Moving around the city is both challenging and memorable. To get around the city conveniently, you will have to use Delhi Metro. Ticket prices ranges from 0.18 USD to 0.67 USD. If you realize that you are using a particular route more often, then you will be required to buy a ‘smart card’ which will help you avoid queues and unnecessary delays. As well you can decide to take a bus. Though this means is less comfortable, it is somehow affordable. Depending on the distance of travel, fare ranges from 0.11 USD to 0.34 USD. Others might prefer to use a cab in their travel. Though expensive, this is a comfortable means of travel. You can call 1090 to have a cab pick you up. Prices depend on the distance of travel and agreements.


Expenses for basic utilities like water, electricity, gas and garbage is about 36.51 USD per month. Due to advancement in technology, internet services in Delhi became affordable. Internet access will cost you between 15 to 31 USD per month.