Not all people love to live in India’s capital, Delhi. Here is a suggestion as to why it is so:

  1. The corruption is irritating

Corruption can be felt in each place within Delhi. Be it in government or the roads. Many people hate this place for that.

  1. Falling foul of a scam is an easy thing

There are tourists who get lucky enough to evade trouble, but for many, evading the Delhi scam is not easy at all. The taxi drivers will take a long route so as to make you pay more for the service. Avoid this by pretending that you have ever been to Delhi, even if it is a lie.

  1. The summer is scorching and unbearable to many

Your energy will be squeezed out by the hot summer as you walk in India’s capital.

  1. Driving to work is a problem


It does not matter how late you are for your work. Before you get there, you will have experienced your worst nightmare of all times. The taxis will not be of any help to you either. The lanes which are clearly shown have no meaning to them.

Do not forget about the endless traffic jam.

  1. Manners lack in this city

You will not have walked far away before you see a grown up man busy urinating on the wall. Others just spit in the streets, not caring whoever is looking at them. After the Commonwealth Games came to an end, the directive by the government regarding this behavior was ignored.

  1. The accommodation is expensive, even the obviously terrible

It is basic knowledge that getting a place to stay in any capital city will be expensive. However, in Delhi, things are exaggerated. The landlords and landladies charge you rent fees that you can openly see you are being treated unfairly.

  1. Delhi has seasons, but the winter fog is the worst

All your plans for the day can go into ruins when you wake up to one well-known Delhi winter fog. The residents are very much aware of the effect that it has on them.

  1. Without any doubt, dirt is spread everywhere

It seems being friendly to the environment is a big problem in Delhi. Plastic is littered everywhere as garbage piles up to produce sewage stench. Such does not go well with living here.

  1. Too many crowded people in the streets

In many cities, the rush hour is the most terrible as people cram themselves in the public transport. The population in Delhi is about 15 million people! Walking in these streets is an exhausting activity itself.

  1. Being safe in Delhi is a dream

Well, any city has its own thugs but Delhi is a different story. With a population as high as the one mentioned, not all people are employed. But they still have to survive and robbing remains one of the alternatives they chose to go for.