I have met a number of people who were either born or raised in Delhi. One common characteristic among them is that they are proud for being Delhi-ites. Delhi is a great city and being proud of it is no mistake at all. I live here and without doubt I fall into the category of those proud to be associated with this city.

Here are 10 reasons as to why you should be proud you live in Delhi.

  1. The infrastructure!

Image source: indiatoday.intoday.in

Looking at Delhi from the transport perspective, a lot of steps have been taken to combat traffic. It has an unbeatable Metro. In some cities of India, the metro has not even been put in place.

  1. Easier and economical life in Delhi

Image Source moneyexchanger.co

Life is economical in Delhi. Just take a look at the rates in the restaurants, or the groceries rates. They beat any offers that you can get anywhere else. Have you just started to think of booking a flight to Delhi? Fear not, life will be easy on you.

  1. Seasons are orderly organized here

It is not so easy to get winters or springs in all cities. Aw! That is sad. Well, Delhi-ites have gotten used to this. We enjoy in each way this beautiful natural phenomenon. Ah! I don’t see myself living Delhi.

  1. There is a soul in Delhi

When I first came to Delhi, I was welcomed whole-heartedly, not caring where I am from. Anyone coming from any angle of the world will be comfortable here. Regional politics are a story of the past in Delhi.

  1. Well, CHANDNI-CHOWK is here in plenty

When you here of Paranthe, Chandni-Chowk will not fail to ring somewhere in the brain. The prices are affordable and you can be sure of no disappointment. For those who do not have, it is so sad.

  1. It is greener in Delhi

Contrary to what many people have always believed, the Asian Green City Index ranked India to be in position 10 of the 22 greenest cities.

  1. The Taxi Walas are honest, willingly or due to circumstances

I tell you, Delhi is amazing and I am proud of it! The taxi guys will not take a long route just to get more money. The infrastructure forces them to be honest.

  1. In search of an intellectual base, Delhi is there for you

Image Source: liveindia.com

Good education will without doubt be found here. Delhi University is one of the most outstanding institutions in Asia.

  1. No branches for Delhi!

Ever heard of cities that have branches and unfortunately, stinking ones? Delhi does not fall under such a category.

  1.  Who will dismiss Delhi’s Khana-Khazana?

The delicacy Butter Chicken and samosa is here in plenty. I have even started to feel hungry.